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Polytechnic Journal - June 1912

Spring Millinery Show, by Grace McKenzie ’13

The great “Spring Millinery Show” of the Polytechnic High School opened March 28, 1912 at one o’clock and closed at four o’clock on March 29, 1912. The Low Junior girls received much praise for their work, as the selection of colors combined tastefully in every case, and all the girls worked their hardest to make the exhibition a success. Almost every one in the school invited his or her relatives and friends to visit, so nearly two hundred visitors enjoyed the display and praised Miss Campbell, our patient and proficient instructor.

Thursday morning, the girls were busily engaged in finishing their ‘nifty’ headwear and decorating the sewing room, when a reporter from the Bulletin was announced. Immediately a great hubbub arose, for tables and chairs had to be moved, as some indoor flashlight pictures as well as outdoor ones were to be taken. In the afternoon, reporters from the Call, Chronicle and Examiner arrived, and the girls of the millinery class were kept busy all afternoon by the reporters and visitors.

In all the newspapers the girls were congratulated for their taste and skill in making their own hats and opera and boudoir caps. Some of the prettiest hats were those which had as their color scheme the different shades of red or blue. The opera caps were referred to as ‘sweet dreams’ and ‘darling lambs’ in the newspapers. Friday was another busy day, for a constant swarm of visitors swarmed through the school. Friday afternoon was eventful for both teachers and pupils. It was the last day before the week’s vacation, and the Senior-Faculty baseball game was to take place in Golden Gate Park at 3:30 pm.


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