Polytechnic High School 1916


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June 1910
Harry A. TUCKEY is practicing dentistry in this city with offices in the Head Building.

June 1911
Ellwood FRATESis a dentist with offices in the Richmond District.
Mathilda KELLER teaches music.
Alma MORRIS is a trained nurse.
Charles MAUZY has charge of the Victrola department in his father's store.
Clara SERVEST is a teacher in a country school.

December 1911
Bessie JOURNEAY is now Mrs. Russel COOPER.

June 1912
Curt SCHUETTE is attending U.C.
Genevieve NAGEL is teaching school.
Alice CHASSAGNE has been devoting her time to theatrical work.
Pauline EINSTEIN is doing Oriental Art work for Gump's.
Ralph PETERS is in business with his father.
Esthre M. GRANT is attending college.
Gladys HUFF is employed by the Zellerbach Paper Co.

December 1912
Ruth RUSSELL recently completed the Normal Course and is now teaching.
Allen BONNALIE is working along high-flying lines, namely aeroplanes.

June 1913
Arthur MOHR, Phillip MAAS and Harold CARNIGLIA are attending U.C.
Agnes KELLY is at home.
Harry COOLEY is studying at U.C.

December 1913
Marguerite FISCHER is making a very successful study of dentistry at the University of California.
Bradley BROWN, Sydney SLUCHER and Lance BUTLER are all attending U.C.
Alice COLMANN recently became Mrs. George GERHARDT and has a beautiful home in the Richmond District.
Grace McKENZIE is taking a special course at U.C.
Adele REGAN is employed by Morrissey & Shippers, Attorneys.
Dagmar KLITGAARD is keeping herself busy at home and otherwise.
Kathryn LAMB and Ethel REILLY are still living in the Sunset District.
Sydney JOHNSON is in the jitney business.

June 1914
Gertrude HIND is attending Normal.
Leonard MENTZER is working with a coffee exporting company.

December 1915
Leona O'NEILL, Dorothy HARE, Loretta CALLGHAM and Majorie THORN are all taking P.G. courses at Poly.
Florence BEICKE, Vesta WILSEY, Elizabeth DAVIS and Selma SCHMITT are at Normal.
Fred BARKER is at U.C.
Edwin GABRIEL is with Sommer & Kauffmann.
Douglas ATKINSON is working with Barth & Co., Brokers.
Marguerite HUNI is staying at home.
Hazel HARTSOUGH is working in a dressmaking establishment.
Ernest FISHER is working with his father.
Robert FRATES is working for his brother.
Thelma JUEL is staying at home.
Clyde CHANDLER is working in an office.
Joseph REEVES is attending U.C.
Arthur TOBIAS works with the Standard Oil Company by day, and attends Commercial in the evening.
Mary WARRACK is attending business college.
Dorothy MURRAY is working with a wholesale lace house

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