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This year, under the pressure of patriotic feeling which has taken hold of the country, we (or rather, the editor) have decided to give, instead of the usual outline of boys’ work, a list of the patriotic services rendered. One bit of work done by the boys is the Y. M. C. A. pledges. One hundred and seventy pledges have been signed by Poly boys. Thirty-five have been paid in full, the total amount already paid in being five hundred dollars.

Perhaps you may have noticed that the empty space at the west end of the building is being rapidly laid out in little oblong spaces, at the ends of which are tags with words on them, looking remarkably like the names of vegetables. These are the war gardens, planted by the boys under the direction of Mr. Carey. We may yet have homegrown vegetables n the ‘Caf’. Another branch of the boys’ work is the Boys’ Working Reserve under Mr. MacTiernan. To date a large number of boys have signed up for work in the country during the summer vacation.

Asa G. Palmer



Supremely earnest in their efforts to help our country in this bitter struggle for the rights of mankind, the Polytechnic girls have taken in hand the task of doing their patriotic duty. Tied down by the obligation of staying with their studies, they have given up the more romantic opportunities to serve, and, the studies done, they have clicked their needles speedily through socks and helmets, wristlets and sweaters.

Statistics from Mrs. Howe show that sixty sweaters, fifteen helmets, nineteen mufflers, fourteen pairs of wristlets, twenty-seven pairs of socks, fifty-five wash-rags, and a number of spreads made from knitted and crocheted squares have been completed since January second. In Red Cross sewing the girls have been equally industrious, making two hundred and six small bags, twelve bed jackets, eighteen pairs of bedsocks, two hundred and nine housewives (convenient kits of scissors, thread, needles and such), fifty unbleached muslin chemises, thirty women’s blue serge one-piece dresses, as well as many children’s garments for the French and Belgian reliefs.

This does not represent the entire amount of work done by the girls this term, as the report was made in early May. During the Rainbow campaign a fresh incentive and a good boost were provided and have served to spur the workers on with new yarn and materials that are constantly arriving. After making a splendid record at school, the girls will not slacken up, but will surely use their vacation time to our country’s advantage and for the glory of our flag and democracy.

Loretta Cooley



Polytechnic has done some enviable work so far as athletics are concerned during the past season, and the high and mighty seniors did more than their bit toward helping the red and black bring home the bacon. Swimming, football, baseball and basketball have come in for their share of attention and, as usual, Poly has pulled down the honors. The senior class has a perfect athletic honor roll. Veterans of four hard years, the husky athletes are about to take their departure for regions unknown, and it is going to take a lot of hard work to keep Poly at the front in sports. Look at our list of stars!

For instance, there’s ‘Swede’ Iverson, heralded as Frank Sloman’s only rival. For those four years he has romped around the track, the football field, the diamond and the basketball court, capturing numerous laurels. ‘Duke’ Hetzer is a modern male Annette Kellerman, and has paddled his way to fame in the interclass and school swimming teams. Hetzie is an all around water shark, being able to fill any position on the team should the occasion arise. He starred in interclass football, playing rear rank to perfection.

‘Twould be incomplete to go without mentioning Leonard ‘Greek’ Geldert, valedictorian, gridiron and track hero. Queer thing, but athletics don’t seem to affect his standing along educational lines. Ray Shine can’t be forgotten. He is a glistening star if there e’er was one. Being manager and fullback on the football team and utility man in the baseball aggregation, Ray got in fighting trim for service in Uncle Sam’s army. He joined the Student Army Training Corps, and before he was mustered out, was gently trodding the road to promotion.
‘Beef’ Minaker has played football for some time, and held down his position on the line in a style such as Minnie only can do. Lack of space prevents any further individual histories, so a sentence each will have to be sufficient mention.

Eddie de Martini has performed remarkable service for Poly on the baseball team; ‘Melba’ Turrini is an extraordinarily good hurdler and a capable manager of the 120-pound basketballers. There’s also ‘Shorty’ Wilson, skipper and forward of the century basketball bnch, who is a veteran of four years with that aggregation. ‘Sol’ Leider, although no relation to Wise Ole Solomon, is the shot-put who shattered the 130-pound record some time ago. ‘Princess Pat’ Hickey intends to do something big this year in running [and] he played on the champ basketball team.

So saying, we will have to take leave of athletics with a parting word to future sons of the red and black urging them to push for all they are worth for the colors representing the best high school in San Francisco: Polytechnic.

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