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The 1920s

In the decade of the 1920s we find graduates Luis Alvarez, a physicist (winner of the 1968 Nobel Prize for Physics) and Janet Gaynor (nee Laura Gainor) a 1923 graduate who, 5 years later in 1928, was the first winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress. A couple of alumni to be proud of.

School spirit in the 1920s was further enhanced with a list from our long time Principal, James Edwin Addicott. He called his list “Ten Purposes That Make for Polytechnic School Spirit”:

  1. To say and do something each day for the good of Polytechnic High School.
  2. To be prompt and conscientious in duties as a student.
  3. To choose companions with judgment and and thought.
  4. To follow carefully a plan for daily study and play.
  5. To develop habits of honesty and industry.
  6.  To pay promptly student body dues and to take some part in student activities.
  7. To allow courtesy and good manners to rule words and actions as a student and as a classmate.
  8. To make the work of others easier by doing one's own part.
  9. To take a genuine interest in the buildings and grounds that they may ever be a credit to the student body.
  10. To help make Polytechnic the greatest and best High School of California.

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