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James Edwin Addicott





Twenty-Five Years at Polytechnic

  After serving as principal and teacher of schools in
New Orleans, San Jose, and Oakland, Mr. Addicott
was made Principal of Polytechnic in 1913. He was a
man well suited to the position because of his wide
training, not only in academic fields, but also in Poly-
technical art subjects. He had studied advanced math-
ematics at Columbia University. At one time he con-
ducted an art school. Previous to his appointment to
Polytechnic, he held the principalship of  other schools
throughout the United States.

  As principal of Poly he has always been enthusiastic-
ally interested in all student activities has constantly
encouraged the various interscholastic competitions,
both on the athletic field and in the class room.
  It was through the untiring efforts of Mr. Addicott
that Poly was so successful during the "Boys Week"
several years ago.

 His career at Poly however, was not always connected
with student activities. The faculty have long to re-
member the genial hospitality he displayed when they
were guests at his country home or on one of his famous
fishing trips. He organized the celebrated faculty tennis
team and played first base on the faculty baseball team.
Each term this team played against the senior class and
for several years played against the Lowell faculty team.
He was extremely interested in music and was the dis-
tinguished baritone of the famous Faculty Quartette.

  Mr. Addicott is a man of high ideals base on the
principles of unselfish service as is exemplified by the
record of his volunteer civilian work during the World
War. Obviously his stay at Poly has been successful.
May it also have been happy and satisfying.

Jennie Swift

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