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1941 FALL YEARBOOK, published January 1942, one month after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.


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Japan, with the aid of her Axis partners, has struck a severe, ruthless, cowardly punch below our belt; but we’re not going to yell foul to the world; instead, we’ll strike back with all our resourceful strength until she is floored for the ten-count. We must accept this uninvited challenge as a whole nation without hesitation and must bury the grievances among ourselves to unite for a common aim - victory over totalitarianism. To accomplish this we must make extreme sacrifices - a temporary privation we should say.

It won’t be a sacrifice at all, as the President has said, because it would be an honor and a privilege for each loyal American to contribute to our sacred cause. Some day we’ll be rewarded with a brighter flame to our torch of Liberty.

We must win this war for the freedom of the entire world; for all free people depend on us. And we will win it, for the rising sun of totalitarianism will be forced to set by the acts of justice and righteousness. Until then we must, with the spirit of our forefathers, by our determination to preserve our freedom, and with our mighty armed forces, defeat the menace of the world’s peace.

 by George Wong


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