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1942 YEARBOOK, published in June

 FROM OUR PRINCIPAL, To the Graduates:

The all-important question before each one of you is “What am I doing to serve my country in this critical emergency?” The very life and whole future of our country is at stake in this war. If possible, get more training and education. Be adequately prepared. This is more necessary than ever before. Science and technology have been drawn on in this war more than ever before. If you are going to work, you can serve your country on the job. The successful carrying on of the war depends upon our military forces. Some of you will be in the military service of our country. We know that we can count on you to do your duty and more. We are all aiming at the same goal; namely, to save our country from destruction, to preserve democracy, and to safeguard freedom for ourselves and our posterity. Our best wishes go with you as you leave ‘Poly’.

Sincerely yours, C. A. Anderson, Principal.


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