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In the midst of the most deadly war in history all our efforts must be devoted to one end, the winning of that war. Our thoughts and prayers, however, ever follow the men in uniform, not only those in the uniform of the United States of America, but those in the uniforms of our stalwart allies. These gallant men, scattered over the seven seas and all the continents, are prepared to give the ‘last full measure of devotion’ that we may retain and some, at least, may return to a country still operating under free institutions. To these men, wherever they may be, and especially to all Polytechnic boys in the service of our country, we, in humility and gratitude, dedicate this Journal of June 1943.



You are graduating from high school at a time when nearly the whole world is at war. What lies ahead? There are two heavy responsibilities ahead of us. The first is to win a decisive victory over our enemies, and the second is to reconstruct the post-war world. In both of these responsibilities you young people will play a major part. This world would not be a fit place in which to live if our enemies triumphed, so our first responsibility is clear. As to our second task, we must not repeat our mistake in the First World War when we won the war and lost the peace. A better world must follow this war. It will not come by accident or chance. It will come only if we plan it and work for it and thus bring it to pass. My best wishes to you in this high endeavor.

Sincerely yours, Carl A. Anderson


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