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For almost two and a half years we have been engaged in a world war. We have seen fathers, brothers, friends go over, never to return. Even some of our classmates who grew impatient have gone. Some of them, too, will not return. Now at last we have finished our high school education and are ready to step onto the battlefields. Some of us will be flyers, some infantrymen, some sailors, some Marines, but all of us fighters - fighters for our country, for our constitution, for our people - fighters for the liberation of all humanity from the crushing heel of the Axis butchers.

Let us pause a moment and think. As we look through the pages of this book, we shall be looking at the pictures of the fellows who will retake Manila, fight again in Paris and Berlin, - yes, even march through Tokyo. Look at these boys. Remember them. Many of them will not come back. . . many of them. . . This book shall stand in memory of those brave lads who fought and died that this land be free; and it shall endure as a reminder to those behind to preserve that peace for which these boys paid so great a price. It shall remind them to make this a united country, a better country, our own United States.


To the Graduating Class: As you leave Polytechnic to take up new and different duties elsewhere our best wishes for your success go with you. All of us are well aware of the fact that our first responsibility is to win the war and restore peace to the world. There is a second responsibility, however, which is equally important and that is to lay the foundations for the kind of world in which we want to live after the war is over. In that task your generation will have a large share and a heavy responsibility. May you have the wisdom, patience and tolerance which will be needed to achieve this goal.

Sincerely, Carl A Anderson, Principal.

 They Will Not Return         

Carl Anderson
Jack Bogel
Henri Carbonell
Ward Cox
Harry Dow
George Ford
Albert Heick
John Krueger
Roy Lagier
Thomas Marshall
Fred Martin
Walter Plate
Harry Smith
Russell Walker
David Wrenn


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