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To the past four years’ football teams of Polytechnic, we Seniors dedicate our Journal. The years 1946-1949 mark Poly’s four consecutive football victories in the San Francisco Academic Athletic Association; in 1949, the fourth time in four years, Poly’s first floor show case sparkled with the football championship trophy. Two coaches share credit for producing such fine teams.

In 1946 and 1947 Joe Verducci led the Frederick Street boys; the 1948 and 1949 teams boast of Milt Axt’s direction. At the end of each victorious football season, Poly boys could be seen wearing their new, much coveted championship football jackets and medals; the Marines Memorial Building has been the scene of each team’s victory banquet.

Poly’s first run as champions came in 1946 when we tied with Lincoln High in the finals with the deadlock score of 7 to 7. Because we had beaten Lincoln earlier in the season, we were awarded the championship. In 1947 added experience showed, when, in the championship game with Lowell, the Parrots won by a score of 54-0. In 1948, the first of two championship tilts with the Balboa Buccaneers saw Poly emerge with a 22-0 win. And in 1949, the Parrots’ victory became complete when the final gun on another championship game with Balboa went off on the score of 26-0.


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