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The Perennial Parrot is a newsletter for a dedicated Polytechnic alumni group called "Our Gang". The founders and editors are Robert "Bob" Ross (class of S'55) and Carolyn Ross né Bier (S'57). She, according to Bob, is "The Lady With the Red Pen" as she makes corrections in red ink all over the work sheets as each newsletter is developed. Here following is Bob with a little history of the gang and their newsletter.

"Our Gang" ... originally a group from Poly consisting of folks from the classes of 1955 thru 1957 that has maintained loose contact through the years due mostly to the efforts of Ronnie Bier (S`55), Carolyn’s brother. In 1984 most of this group and others from these classes attended the 30 year reunion of the class of '54 in San Francisco. At a party that weekend we decided we should get together the following year in Las Vegas. However that “Gathering” flopped!

On the way home from Las Vegas we decided to try again the following year and, although we were new to computing at that time, decided to create a newsletter to keep folks better informed. "The Perennial Parrot" and "Our Gang" was born. The following October we had "Gathering 1986" in Reno and it was a roaring success!

Since then we've "Gathered" every other year in Reno, Nevada. Gatherings usually number 35 to 45 folk and at least one member of each couple is a Polyite. It's not a big event and there are no banquets or big to-dos, but the memories, old friendships, and new friendships that are made are great. "Our Gang" now has members from early `50s to the late `60s … All Polyites are welcome to join us and “Remember when.”

We DO NOT solicit members! If a member tells us that someone is interested in the group or if we are contacted directly for information, we send out an information packet, either by snail mail or Email:
- that tells all about the group and what we do,
- what and when Gatherings occurs,
- a full issue of the latest Perennial Parrot and subscription rates,
- a questionnaire to be filled out and returned if they want to join.
We keep a data base of everyone in the group and share it with the Poly Athletic Association and other Poly groups putting together reunions.

Again, we do this just one time as we are out to make new Poly friends, not create enemies.

The latest issue of “The Perennial Parrot” newsletter is now available on-line at:

and we can be contacted via Email at:
PerennialParrot@sbcglobal.net ...

Perennial Parrot Staff

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