Polytechnic High School


1894 (Bush & Stockton)

From the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, Saturday, 24 November 1894


 "The New Polytechnic High School - Equipment of a Modern Institution"

"Professor Walter N. Bush, the Principal, speaks of 'Its Aims' to parents who, generally, are anxious that their children while at school should be prepared for the battle of life, where the majority of them will be compelled to rely upon their own exertions for a living.

Teachers are keenly alive to this fact and recently a great impetus has been given to industrial education in San Francisco. Institutions have been munificently endowed by Lick, Cornwell and Wilmerding, until now manual training has finally become embodied to our common school system.

It is a striking feature of popular education which in California is just beginning to develop. In Massachusetts, all cities having a population of 10,000 and over are compelled by law to maintain manual training in schools. There are in Philadelphia three of these schools."



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