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Welcome to the website dedicated to Polytechnic High School in San Francisco, CA. This exceptional secondary school was open for almost 90 years from the late 19th Century until the early 1970s. Over that time the school created a reputation for a cosmopolitan, diverse and talented student body, inspirational teachers and administrators, and exceptional football teams.

If you receive the Poly Athletic Association newsletter- send them some money. It takes dough to maintain a mailing list of everyone who went to Poly or taught at Poly or married a Poly alumni, print the newsletter, and buy all that postage. GIVE- The Associations suggests as little as $2.00 or as much over $5 or $10 dollars that you can part with-

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Millbrae, CA 94030

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- A page for Poly graduates who achieved great fame (the Georges - Fenneman & Seifert, Luis Alvarez, Bob St. Clair, etc) - suggested by Al Preciado '59.

- A page for Poly graduates who've paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country - suggested by Jackie Jacobson '57.

- A page dedicated to Poly football - suggested by J.C. Jordan '64.

- A page of thanks for folks, especially non-Poly graduates, who've been so helpful with our research - suggested by Kathy Compagno '64.

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